E-Mail verification now available

According to our roadmap, e-mail verification and account recovery is now available. At least, the fundamental parts.

A verification e-mail is automatically when the user sets or updates it in the profile.

Thanks to a verified e-mail, it can also be used to recover an account or register a new device.

...well, the e-mail template is far from perfect. The wording is a bit amiss and the "{{ method }}" is superfluous.

But as with most things, there is still much to do beyond fundamentals. Actually, the whole "recovery" mail is a bit misleading. It should rather just be called "Sign in link" instead and in the welcome screen let the user decide if the device should be registered or if it's a temporary session.

Among other things to do...

  • Change "recovery" in "Sign in e-mail"

  • A nicer "Sign in email sent" view

  • An "email (un)verified" hint in the profile

  • A "send confirmation email again" button

  • Allow usage of e-mail instead of username too

  • Check whether the e-mail was really properly sent

  • Nicer error messages

Even for simple functionality, there is always many things to do. It might look like details, but that is what makes the difference between a great polished UI and an unconvincing one.

Thanks for reading,
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