Weekly news

I try to post something each week, but it isn't always easy. This week was calm. Currently, Passwordless.ID is at the MVP stage (Minimal Viable Product), or the rather the beta version of it. It still has some rough edges. However, it works.

That is why it is IMHO time for an early push in adoption and community building rather than developing the next feature. After all, isn't it pointless to develop something if nobody uses it? Building a community around it is a challenge itself.

Sponsorship available

At last! Dunno why but GitHub sure took its time to approve the sponsorship. Now that it's there, check it out! Be the first sponsor! Yay! ...even if it's a single dollar and not enough to buy a coffee, it doesn't matter, it's the gesture that counts.

I also wonder if Github Sponsors is the right choice or if I should try to place an alternative funding platform like Patreon or OpenCollectives. What do you think?

Discord channel added

Come chat if you like! ...it's brand new and a ghost town right now. The community is non-existent at this point, so be a community pioneer and leave a message. ;)

Reserve your username now!

...pick a cool username before you're stuck with something like "dsiufgziuzgi45678" in the far future.

What's next?

I'm divided between reaching out for early sponsors or further developing it to make it better. It is still lacking a bit in some areas. I think I will do something in-between and reach out to two organizations I have in mind, then continue developing it before broadening the outreach.

Thanks for reading!